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Nomura Products
NN-10CS NN-10CS Minimize

The 10CS has the same tool configuration as the 10C
but adds 3 live cross mill/drill/tap spindles for added
capability in a small machine package.
5 OD turning tools
4 ID tools
3 Live Cross Mill/Drill
Optional Cut-off Tool Breakage Detector

NN-13T Minimize

   Perfect for turning and end working capabilities featuring 7 OD Turning Tools and 3 End Working Tools.


NN-13S2 Minimize

   Combines 3 Cross Mill/Drill driven tooling positions, 3 end working positions and 5 turning positions for enhanced machining capabilities. An optional interchangeable 4 positions cross drill attachment, Polygonal cutting A or B attachment, Hob cutting, and Hob cutting and 3 positions cross drill attachment can be mounted in place of the driven tools to add flexibility to your machine.


NN-13/16SB5 Minimize

    Has the same tooling configuration and optional capability as the NN-13SII but adds a Sub Spindle and 3 Face/Back working tools to accomplish finish drilling work on the back side of a part.


NN16/20U3 Minimize

  The design with renewed tool layout ensures a wide space for easier operation.Four frontal machining tools are provided. A variety of options including a frontal eccentric drilling unit are also provided for easier use.  

   A variety of options including a frontal eccentric drilling unit are also provided for easier use. NN-U3 series realize higher speed and cost down while maintaining the ease of operation and high precision of the existing machines.


NN-16/20UB5 Minimize

  A back attachment is provided in addition to the reliable features of the existing U3 series machines.

  The cycle time can be reduced thanks to the movement fully synchronized but independent from the primary side.



NN-20UB7 NN-20UB7 Minimize

  The UB7 series of machine are enhanced U3 machines for the machining of more complex parts. With X , Z-axis capability and an additional 4 ID tools for the back-spindle, many complex parts can be completed without the need for secondary operations.

  Automatic Lathe needs, Nomura now offer the NN-UB7
6-axis CNC Automatic Lathe.

  This machine reflect Nomura's extensive experience in cam-operated and CNC-drived Automatic Lathe machines. 

  The NN-UB7 is highly reliable Automatic
Lathe Machine for the machining of small high-precision parts.


NN-16/20H3 Minimize

  Short tool setup time and spindle speed changing time are attained by adoption of a 3-axis servo system for simultaneous control of three axes and the high-responsive, high power spindle motor.

  The top-class CNC reduces each block processing time to less than half for remarkable shortening of the tact time.


NN-20/25YB Minimize

  NN-YB series offers more flexibility with sub-spindle operations, including Turning, Milling and Cross drilling.

  Thanks to this new concept, the machining time
can be drastically reduced.


NN-32B Minimize

  NN-32B is offering you high performance with easy operation by adapting exclusive tool unitson Turret.

  In addition to existing & concept of NOMURA
sliding headstock lathe. Newly designed Dual frontal faced
Turrets with A axis or 24 division curbic system enable
to do stable & angle machining to both end of stock
without B axis and still more Long stock of Sub-Spindle
(Z2 axis) and Parts loading system (Z4 axis) enable to bring
troublesome shaped parts outside of machine.


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