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Nomura * NN-YB Series
Nomura Products
NN-20/25YB Minimize

  NN-YB series offers more flexibility with sub-spindle operations, including Turning, Milling and Cross drilling.

  Thanks to this new concept, the machining time
can be drastically reduced.

Specifications Minimize
Major Specifications NN-20YB NN-25YB Major Specification NN-20YB


Max.Working Dia 0.79"(16mm) 1"(25mm) No. of frontal stationary drills for Back


Max.Working Length Main Spindle=7.87"(200mm)
Back Spindle =4.72"(120mm)

No. of Back Turning Tools


Max. Drilling  Dia.(Main Sp.) 0.39"(10mm)

No. of Live Tools for Main

7 6
Max. Drilling Dia.(Back Sp.) 0.31"(8mm)

No. of Live Tools for Back

Max. Drilling Length

Main Spindle=1.97"(50mm)
Back Spindle =2.36"(60mm)

Max. Live Tool Dia. 0.31"(8mm)
Max. Tapping Dia. Main = 3/8-24UNF(M10x1.5)
Back = 1/4-20UNC (M6x1)
Live Tool Speed Range 200 - 6,000 r.p.m
Main & Back Spindle through-hole Dia. 0.94"(24mm) 1.06"(27mm) Min. Setting Increment X/Y/Z-axis 0.0001"(0.001mm)
Main Spindle Speed 300-10,000 rpm Main Spindle Motor 5HP(3.7kw)
Main Spindle Speed w/Rotary Guide Bush 300-10,000 rpm X/Y/Z/X2/Y2/Z2-axis Drive Motor 1.3HP(1.0kw)
Back Spindle Speed 300-10,000 rpm Live Tool Motor 2.0H.P (1.5kw)
Main Spindle Index(C-axis) 0.001 degree Back Spindle Motor 3HP (2.2kw)
Back Spindle Index(C-axis) 0.001 degree Total Power Capacity 15kva
No. of OD tools 6 5 Spindle Center Height 39.96" (1,015mm)
Max. Tool size 13mmX130mm 16mmX130mm Machine Weight 6,624lbs. (2,950kg)
No. of Frontal Stationary Drills for Main 4 Machine Measurement 89.76" X49.49" X 71.85"
Major Specifications NN-20YB NN-25YB Major Specifications NN-20YB NN-25YB


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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