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NN-20UB7 NN-20UB7 Minimize

  The UB7 series of machine are enhanced U3 machines for the machining of more complex parts. With X , Z-axis capability and an additional 4 ID tools for the back-spindle, many complex parts can be completed without the need for secondary operations.

  Automatic Lathe needs, Nomura now offer the NN-UB7
6-axis CNC Automatic Lathe.

  This machine reflect Nomura's extensive experience in cam-operated and CNC-drived Automatic Lathe machines. 

  The NN-UB7 is highly reliable Automatic
Lathe Machine for the machining of small high-precision parts.

Specifications Minimize
Major Specifications NN-20UB7
Max.Machining Diameter 20mm(0.787")
Max.Working Length 200mm(7.87")
Max. Drill Dia main0.39"  back0.31"
Max. Drill Length main1.97" back1.37"
Max Live Tool Drilling Dia main Spindle0.24"(Ф6mm)ER-16
Max Tapping Dia main Spindle=5/16-18UNC
back Spindle=1/4-20UNC
Max Live Tool Tapping Dia 1/4-20UNC(M6)
X1-axis Rapid Feedrate 551 IPM(14m/min)
Y1-axis Rapid Feedrate 551 IPM(14m/min)
Z1-axis Rapid Feedrate 590 IPM(15m/min)
X2-axis Rapid Feedrate 551 IPM(14m/min)
Z2-axis Rapid Feedrate 590 IPM(15m/min)
Main Spindle through-hole Dia 0.94"(24mm)
Back Spindle through-hole Dia 0.83"(21mm)
Main Spindle Index 0.001degree
Back Spindle Index 15degree(option)
Main Spindle Speed 300-10,000rpm
Main Spindle Speed  w/Rotary guide Bush 300-8,000rpm
Back Spindle Speed 300-6,000rpm
Number of OD Tools 5
Number of ID Tools 4
Max Tool size 1/2"(13mm)sp. × 0.51"(130mm)
Number of Live Tools 4
Number of back Drill 3
Number of Back Turning Tool 1
Live Tool Speed Range 300-6,000rpm
Main Spindle Motor 5HP(3.7kw)
Back Spindle Motor 1HP(0.75kw)
X1-axis Drive Motor 1.3HP(1.0kw)
Y/X2/Z1/Z2-axis Drive Motor 0.67HP(0.5kw)
C-axis Drive Motor 0.67HP(0.5kw)
Live Tool Motor 1HP(0.75kw)
Coolant  Pump Motor 0.3HP(0.25kw)
Hydraulic Pump Motor 0.53HP(0.4kw)
Lubrication Pump Motor 0.003W
Total Power Capacity 15.45KVA
Spindle Center Height 39.37"(1,000mm)
Machine Weight 2,000kg(4,405lb)
Machine Floor Requirement 1,795×880×1,705mm
Air Supply Pressure 5kg f/cm2
Air Consumption 70L
Coolant Oil Capacity 21GAL(80L)
Monitor 10.4"TFT color LCD


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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