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Nomura Products
NN16/20U3 Minimize

  The design with renewed tool layout ensures a wide space for easier operation.Four frontal machining tools are provided. A variety of options including a frontal eccentric drilling unit are also provided for easier use.  
   A variety of options including a frontal eccentric drilling unit are also provided for easier use. NN-U3 series realize higher speed and cost down while maintaining the ease of operation and high precision of the existing machines.

Specifications Minimize
Major Specifications NN-16U3 NN-20U3
Max.Working Dia. φ16mm(0.63") φ20mm(0.79")
13.8mm(0.545")(Hexagon) 17.3mm(0.683")
11.3mm(0.446")(Square) 14.1mm(0.555")
Max.Working Length 200mm(7.87")
500mm(19.75")With Long Parts Att.φ5
Max.Boring Dia. 10mm(0.393")
Max.Drilling Length 50mm(1.96")
Max.Tap Dia. M8
Max.Cross Boring Dia. φ6mm(0.236")
Main Spindle Through-hole Dia. 20mm(0.87") 24mm(0.944")
Main Spindle RPM Range 300-10,000rpm
Penetration Dia. 18mm(0.711") 24mm(0.948")
Min.Main Spindle Indexing
0.001°(With C Axis)
Headstock Stroke 200mm(7.87")With Rotary Guide Bush
190mm(7.5")With Material Clamp Unit
Number of Tools 13
OD Tools 5
ID Tools 4
Cross Drilling tool 4
Live Tool Spindle Speed 200-6,000rpm
Standard OD Tool Shank Size 12×120mm
Drill Holder Out-Dia. φ23mm(0.908")
X Axis Stroke 129mm(5.07")
Y Axis Stroke 225mm(8.85")
Main Motor AC2.2KW AC3.7KW
X Axis Drive Motor 1.0KW  
Y Axis Drive Motor 0.5KW   DC24V15W
Z Axis Drive Motor 0.5KW
4 Axes Cross Drill Device 0.75KW
C Axis Drive Motor(Option) 0.5KW
Luburicating Oil pump 0.25KW
Total Power Supply 8KVA 9.8KVA
Spindle Center Height 1,000mm(39.5")
Machine Height 1,710mm(67.32")
Machine Weight 1300kg
L×W (L)X(W) 1500X978/59.05"X38.50
Air Supply Requirment 85psi  (6Kg/cm2 )
Air Consumption 3.4L/min.
Major Specifications NN-16U3 NN-20U3


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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