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NN-16/20H3 Minimize

  Short tool setup time and spindle speed changing time are attained by adoption of a 3-axis servo system for simultaneous control of three axes and the high-responsive, high power spindle motor.

  The top-class CNC reduces each block processing time to less than half for remarkable shortening of the tact time.

Specifications Minimize
Major Specifications NN-16H3 NN-20H3
Max.Working Dia.    Round.ber 0.630"(16mm) 0.787"(20mm)


0.543"(13.8mm) 0.681"(17.3mm)


0.444"(11.3mm) 0.555"(14.1mm)
Max.Working Length 7.874"(200mm)
Max.Drilling Dia. 0.393"(10mm) Stainless
Max.Drilling Length 1.968"(50mm)
Max.Tapping Dia. 5/16-24 UNF(M8 P=1.25) Stainless
X-axis Rapid Feedrate 551 IPM(14m/min.)
Y-axis Rapid Feedrate 551 IPM(14m/min.)
Z-axis Rapid Feedrate 787 IPM(20m/min.)
Main Spindle speed

300-10,000rpm(300-8,000rpm:with synchronous rotary guide bush)

Hole-through Spindle Dia.


Headstock Stroke 7.874"(200mm)
Number of OD Tools 6
Number of ID Tools 3
Tool size 0.472 sq×5.12" long(12 sq×Max.130mm)
Drill Holder O.D. 0.905"(23mm)
X-axis Stroke 4.724"(120mm)
Y-axis Stroke 8.070"(205mm)
Spindle Motor AC2.2KW AC3.7KW
X-axis Motor 0.5KW
Y-axis Motor 0.5KW
Z-axis Motor 0.5KW
Sub-Spindle Motor NA
$2 Z-axis Motor NA
Coolant Pump 0.25KW
Lubricant Pump 0.003KW
Hydraulic Pump 0.75KW
Voltage AC 3N , 200 / 220V , 50Hz / 60Hz
Total capacity 6.5KVA 8.7KVA
Spindle Center Height 39.37"(1,000mm)
Machine Height 66.93"(1,700mm)
Machine Weight 2,865 lbs(1,300kg)
Floor space Requirement 75.2"(L)×37.7"(W)
Air Supply Requirement 71 PSI
Air Consumption 1 GPM
Coolant Viscosity Requirement ISO VG32 or less
Coolant Tank Capacity 17GAL./63L
Major Specifications NN-16H3 NN-20H3


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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