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Nomura * NN-13 Series
Nomura Products
NN-13T Minimize

   Perfect for turning and end working capabilities featuring 7 OD Turning Tools and 3 End Working Tools.

NN-13S2 Minimize
   Combines 3 Cross Mill/Drill driven tooling positions, 3 end working positions and 5 turning positions for enhanced machining capabilities. An optional interchangeable 4 positions cross drill attachment, Polygonal cutting A or B attachment, Hob cutting, and Hob cutting and 3 positions cross drill attachment can be mounted in place of the driven tools to add flexibility to your machine.
NN-13/16SB5 Minimize
    Has the same tooling configuration and optional capability as the NN-13SII but adds a Sub Spindle and 3 Face/Back working tools to accomplish finish drilling work on the back side of a part.
Specifications Minimize
Major Specifications NN-13/16SB5 NN-13SII NN-13T
Max.Machining Diameter


Max.Working Length 6.10"(155mm) 3.94"(100mm) 3.94"(100mm)
Max.Drilling Diameter 0.315"(8mm)
Max.Tapping Diameter 1/4-20 UNC(M6)
Main Spindle Through Hole Diameter 14mm/17mm 0.551"(14mm)
Main Spindle Speed 300-10,000rpm
Main Spindle Motor 3HP 2HP 2HP
Main Spindle Center Height 39.37"(1,000mm)
Number of OD Tools 5 7
Standard OD Tool Shank Size 0.375"sq × 5.12" long
Number of End Working Tools 3
Face/Back Drill Maximum Collet Diameter 0.38"(10mm)(ER-16)
Double Drill Holder Diameter 0.906"(23mm)
Number of Live Tools 3/4 NA
Live Tool Spindle Speed 200-8000rpm NA
Live Tool Spindle Motor HP 0.5HP NA
Max.Live Tool Collet Diameter 0.276"(7mm)(ER-11)/
Max.Working Diameter on Sub-Spindle 13mm/16mm NA NA
Max.Working Length on Sub-Spindle 3.15"(80mm) NA NA
Max.Drilling Diameter on Sub-Spindle 0.24"(6mm) NA NA
Max.Tapping Diameter on Sub-Spindle 12-24UNC(M5) NA NA
Sub-Spindle Speed 200-8000rpm NA NA
Sub-Spindle Motor HP 0.75kw NA NA
Number of End Working Tools on Sub-Spindle 3 NA NA
Back Spindle Z2 Stroke 6.69"(170mm) NA NA
Back Spindle Z2 Rapid Feedrate 590ipm(15m/min) NA NA
Back Spindle Z2 Motor 0.5KW
Rapid Feedrate X & Y Axis 590 ipm(15m/min.) 551 ipm(14m/min.) 551 ipm(14m/min.)
Rapid Feedrate Z Axis 551 ipm(14m/min.) 590 ipm(15m/min.) 472 ipm(12m/min.)
Minimum Setting Increment X Axis(Dia.) 0.0001"(0.001mm)
Minimum Setting Increment Y & Z Axis 0.0001"(0.001mm)
X,Y,Z Axis Motor 0.5KW
Coolant Pump Motor 0.25KW
Lubrication Pump Motor 3W
Air Supply Requirement 68psi(5kg/cm) 82psi(6kg/cm) 82psi(6kg/cm)
Coolant Reservoir Capacity 18.5gal.(69.38L) 23gal.(86.25L) 23gal.(86.25L)
Coolant Viscosity Requirement ISO VG32 or Less
Total Pawer Consumption 7.1kVA 4.9kVA 4.5kVA
Machine Floor Space Requirement 72.04"(L)× 33.85"(W) 45.66"(L)× 33.85"(W) 45.66"(L)× 33.85"(W)
Machine Height 67.3"(H) 68.9"(H) 68.9"(H)
Machine Weight 3,792lbs.(1720kg) 2,425lbs.(1100kg) 2,425lbs.(1100kg)
Major Specifications NN-13/16SB5 NN-13SII NN-13T


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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