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NCBrain * Photograph
What is NCBrain
Helmet Core Minimize

The work piece had been set 5 times as every different direction. NC Brain simulated all process, so CAM programming task had been easier and faster. NC milling time and quality were also improved.


Bumper Minimize

   NC Brain can support tilting head machining simulation and optimization. (Please, refer 3+2 axis in the NCBrain functions for more details. )


Cellular phone Minimize

Back side core of a cellular phone had finished with Ø 0.6 ㎜ endmill. (more information- see application pages)


Heater case of the automobile Minimize

  This cavity part of a heater case is difficult to work because it is deep and very steep shape. NC Brain helps to work easy with many functions, include “ dividing NC data by tool length”


Press Die Minimize

  NC Brain defined a casting work piece for a press mold. it will be able to support new machining techniques (more information- see application pages)

Instument panel Minimize

  Instrument panel of the automobiles is one of the most difficult mold part, and also it takes long time for milling. Milling time of this part was shorten about 5 days by NC Brain.

Intellegent 2D CAM Minimize

  2D CAM module of NC Brain could make mold holder parts milling easier and faster. (more information- see application pages)

Mold Holder Cutting with 3D Model Minimize

  2D CAM module could create NC data easier from a 3D CAD model, without a 2D drawing paper (more information- see application pages)

Electro-discharging rod & small Core Minimize

  Graphite electrodes or small core could be mass-produced through NC Brain.(more information- see application pages)

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