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What is NCBrain
Product Overview Minimize

   Mold industry market has been demanding higher quality and shortening manufacturing time. Those demands will be intensifying in the future. In these market circumstances, NC machine cutting processes should be improved to innovational ways for satisfactory of the mold industry market and improvement of competitiveness. NC cutting of the mold manufacturing takes the main portion of time and money. But there are many difficulties about the NC machining. Machining time and finishing quality come out differently according to CAM data quality and machine operator ' s skill. Operating NC machine can not progress fluently for lacking of the cutting information. Therefore, it is hard to expect to reducing error rate, and it can ' t get to maximize productivity through ATC (Automatic Tool Change) unmanned operating. NC Brain solves all those difficulties by CNC machining simulation. During simulation, NC Brain regenerates CAM data into much optimized NC data practically. It makes a NC machine to perform higher productivity, and workshop floor can be change to be better environment by stress less machine operation. NC Brain will be the best system for Improvement productivity and equipping distinguished technologies by Cutting Technique upward Standardization.

What the problems are ? Minimize

  At NC processing, CAM data quality is too far different according to its CAM engineer's career and experience. And so does technical limit of CAM . Because engineers operate it controlling RPM & FEED just for his own experience by each machine, tool and pattern of product, efficiency and quality are hard to be improved, and also hard to reduce malfunction rate with reference to data of such problem. And maybe you can not reduce malfunction problems and raise ATC application rate.


What should NC engineers consider ? Minimize

  how can be made the feed rate, spindle rpm control and adding/deleting path automatically. Because DB inside NC Brain has tool (shape, ength, number of blade, material), stock model (material, shape of feature) and machine (machine type, control ability), the only thing you have to do is put the NC DATA in and simulate to re-generate the data with optimum condition. You have to do something important here. All of you do know every condition of using tools already. Most conditions of them are included in the NC Brain DB. The rest is for us, all of you and we, the engineers will construct the new customized DB for next several days

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